Today’s word was a bit kinder but tomorrow’s fitness word is quite hardcore if I remember rightly, it has 9 letters in it so 18 total 🙈. Didn’t really think it through as tomorrow is also PT day so I will be dead 😂. If anyone is looking to add more exercise into their day, […]

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Pump it up

The alphabet exercise I shared yesterday got me thinking how it might be an easy way to increase my daily exercise and improve my overall strength. So last night I sat down and put my own achievable exercises next to letters of the alphabet and decided to pick a random word for each day. Today’s […]

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Wasted day

I hate wasted days. We have been in most of the day waiting for a Tesco delivery to no avail. I watched the van pull up down the street at our allotted time to the wrong house 🙈. I patiently awaited the phone call to ask if it was right but he drove off. Bye […]

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Weigh day

2 off for me this week. 6 for January so far and Christmas fully off. I am pleased but I did want a little more for the effort levels. Never mind it’s going down which is the main thing! 8 to lose next week for stone off January then? 😂😂😂😂. We had a beautiful walk […]

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Fabulous Friday

Wilfred was a complete legend this morning and napped for nearly an hour, giving me a chance to wash my hair and put a full face of make up on. Huzzah! I feel very human right now 😂. I am fully zoned for food today so got everything crossed for a decent loss for weigh […]

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Sitty downy

In the words of my three year old, I’ve had a very sitty downy kind of day! Lots of coffee and lunch out so not much pacing! It would have been so easy to continue this theme and collapse on the sofa watching paw patrol before bedtime. (Bedtime for  my children, not me, I hate […]

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Smashing goals

So I have been lazy with my step goal and lazy with my water intake. Fresh start Monday means it was time to ramp it up so I set myself mini goals. I wanted to get 10,000 steps before 4pm and drink 2 litres of water in that time too. It really worked well as […]

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Weigh in

Slight delay but -2.5. I will take that! I was off plan for the rest of the day yesterday so feel a bit sluggish today! Meal and exercise plan for the week ahead to be completed later 🏋️‍♂️.

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The day before

How can it be Friday again already? Mental! I always feel a bit reflective on a Friday, could I have done more for weigh in tomorrow, or more importantly should I? I know I am not drinking enough, I can’t seem to get myself back in the habit. I think not being at work makes […]

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