Hello and welcome to my blog! I am 6 weeks postpartum to the day today and wanted to log my fitness and weight loss journey everyday. I am extremely unfit and going to start running and following a healthy eating plan, initially weight watchers to give me a weekly weigh in and accountability at the […]

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Boxing 🥊🥊🥊

So the weekend didn’t really pan out as planned, an emergency dog rehome stalled the plans for a weekend away 🤦‍♂️. I did however still make it down to London for the Mahara sports event. I felt completely out of my comfort zone in all honesty and worried the whole train journey there that it […]

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Fitness buddy

Who doesn’t love a good gym session with a friend. Today was the first time in years that I met a friend at the gym and she took me through an amazing circuit of weights and exercises. The time just flew by and I’m sure I worked a lot harder than I normally would so […]

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I love reading inspirational posts about women and celebrating women. I guess it feels particularly pertinent this year with the heightened awareness of the treatment of women and a sense of unity across the board. I have a few niggles with it all though and fear we are heading for a situation where it goes […]

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Women for women

I took a photo of a page in my book “The Goddess Revolution” to share today as it’s so true. I think we all are guilty of feeling the competition and comparison at times. I tend now though to find out how someone has done something. If they have great abs, ask what gym sessions […]

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This is such crazy weather! I haven’t made it back to the gym since Sunday but I have done two Joe Wicks’ workouts at home to get me moving. I walked to the hair dressers yesterday skidding all over the place so a warm and cosy day was definitely in order! If you haven’t watched […]

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Starting the week right

So I ventured to the gym for the first time of a weekend today. I don’t know why but I felt nervous about it? Think sometimes you build it up in your head for no reason as in reality at 10.05 this morning, there were about 5 of us in the gym in total. I […]

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I’m still here 😂

After a rubbish couple of weeks of illnesses and general bleugh, my blog has taken a back seat. I’ve been off my food and not really had anything exciting to say 😂. I have really missed writing though so thought I’d return with some goals and plans. The small violin can be put away now […]

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The look of love 💕

So PT two days in a row with yoga thrown in has broken me. Pushing the double pram up the bridge home felt like I was on SAS, he who dares wins 😂. No pain no gain though right? I’m definitely in the all or nothing camp when it comes to exercise so aiming for […]

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Over eater

So as I type this with my achy kettlebell arms, I feel bad for overeating today. Pancakes got the better of me and I feel like a failure, especially after such a good PT session. Time to stop wallowing though and get back cracking. Luckily I know all my meals were on point thanks to […]

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Do it, see it, believe it.

I love a reflective Monday to get you pumped up for the week ahead. I lost 2lb last week so that makes it 6 in the last 2 weeks. This week feels a bit bittersweet as I have two PT sessions booked in but they are my last two with Kellie. It’s made me quite […]

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